Discover our luxurious conference room, meticulously designed to cater to your business needs with sophistication and functionality.

The elegant decor and spacious layout of our Business Hall create an environment conducive to productivity and focus, while offering comfort and style for all attendees.

Experience the warmth of natural light streaming in from the expansive ceiling, providing a bright atmosphere that invigorates discussions and inspires creativity. Whether hosting corporate meetings, presentations, or strategic discussions, our venue offers a prestigious setting that reflects the essence of your business.

Immerse yourself in an environment that harmonizes sophistication with practicality, offering unparalleled service and amenities.



Indulge in a delightful coffee break at Ambassadori Business Hall! Take a break from your meetings and recharge with a refreshing selection of coffee and tea, along with an assortment of delicious pastries and snacks. 



At Ambassadori, we believe that good food brings people together, and our lunch buffet is no exception. Indulge in a culinary journey that will leave you energized and ready for the rest of your conference activities. During your lunch break, join us in our inviting dining corner to enjoy a delicious meal while connecting with fellow attendees. Our buffet is designed to ensure a satisfying and enjoyable dining experience that complements the productive atmosphere of your event.