Ambassadori Kachreti

Find your Freedom

06 July, 2016

Reda Briki  and Eventech invites you to a new event at Ambassadori, Kachreti!

This quaterly event will fuse the passion of timeless traditional and world music with the energy and transcendence of house music.
Reda Briki sprinted into global dance music notoriety over recent years with electrifying music productions, DJ sets, an infectious personality and as curator for one of New York City’s most successful parties (Love that Fever).

With a deep rooted love for global beats and seeking adventure, Reda expanded his party to some of the furthest points on the map: Miami, Turkey, Ibiza, Morocco’s, TranSahara, UK’s Secret Garden, Nevada’s Burning Man, Cairo’s The Gift Trilogy and Punta Del Este.

The Adversary-Andre Mistier’s journey through music has been an unconventional one. The New York musician, who has a foundation in theater, has explored the connection between electronic and instrument-based sounds. The music itself morphed, influenced by Mistier’s life and his personal experiences.

“The Adversary’s music went through a whole bunch of iterations,” Mistier explains. “I was exploring a lot of things. I went to Burning Man last August and it affected my understanding of music, and the relationship between electronic stuff and live stuff and then—I got here.” And began a new collaboration with Reda Briki weaving deep electronic sound and pop rock.

Something unheard of!! It will deepen your experience. It’s a sound of the future.